Pilates Classes in Reading








*Please note that unfortunately corporate classes are only available to employees of the above organisations


If you are interested in attending any of my corporate class please contact me directly.

If you are interested in coming to any of my studio classes please contact the studios directly. You can contact the studios by clicking on the name of the studio (above)  you would like to attend.


If you are interested in me coming to your company to set up a similar class please contact me with your name, contact details and class requirements.

Corporate Classes

I offer corporate classes in company offices to employees in meeting rooms at lunchtimes and evenings. Click here to read some testimonials of this type of work.

As Pilates does not require lots of complicated equipment the classes can be held in conference or dining rooms. People are asked to bring their own mats and pay me directly, so there aren't any direct costs to the organisation. In addition, people are often able to return straight to their desks after the class without the need for a shower. 

I operate the booking systems if needed so the only thing the companies need to do is let their employees know about it, make sure that the room is reserved and arrange for me to be allowed in at reception.

150 million working days are lost each year to lower back pain, and Pilates is often perscribed to help with this. By hosting these classes you would not only be offering another element to your Health & Wellness package, but also help to increase productivity in the long run.


Please contact me if you would like to discuss me setting up classes in your organisation.



Pricing varies dependent on the location and the sort of services that you require. Please contact me with your name, contact details and fitness requirements to discuss pricing.