Over the years I have taken part in several different endurance sports from Cross Country running, Rowing, Cycling, Triathlon and long distance hiking. As my body aged over the years, so did the need to work harder to maintain good mobility and avoid injuries, which is how my love affair with Pilates started. Since discovering it in 2006 I have consistently practiced and when I decided to become a Personal Trainer it was a no brainer that this would be one of the first qualifications that I would gain.


I am passionate about Pilate’s ability to (in the words of an infamous beer ad) train the areas of the body that other exercises can’t reach; improving balance, reducing the risk of injury all while having the added benefit of helping to create a long lean dancers physique. As part of my teacher training I was fortunate enough to be able to work and train in the birthplace of Pilates, New York City, and specifically the New York institution: Steps on Broadway.


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