I also offer sessions online over Skype or Facetime. All you need is access to High Speed Internet and have some sort of computer device (laptop, tablet or smartphone) to view me on. This gives you much more freedom to have sessions wherever and whenever suits you. I have trained clients in China, Holland, Sweden, France, USA, Italy and of course Great Britain. 

I started offering Skype sessions after one of my clients approached me to do so as she was moving abroad to live with her then boyfriend. The sessions have proved such a success that I now train her sister, cousin in the same way and even attended the original lady's wedding in Rome!


If you are interested in training with me in Reading there are two different options:


1. Caversham Health and Fitness

If you are interested in getting fit or weight loss I am able to train members in this lovely family run gym in the heart of Caversham. Costs are set by the gym at:

  • Block of 10 - £35 / session

  • Block of 5 - £37.50 / session

  • One off - £40

Please click here if you would like to find out more about training with me there.


2. Private Session 

Alternatively, if you would like to focus on injury prevention / rehabilitation I can train you privately. Please do contact me directly and we can discuss your training needs. I will then help you come up with a plan tailor made specifically to meet your needs and requirements.


If you are interested in the weight loss and fitness outside of the gym environment, I would recommend booking in some sessions with me on the Elliptigo.

Personal Training

If you would like to find out more about me, and what I can offer you in terms of Personal Training, please click here