Click on the video above to see how easy it is to ride the Elliptigo for the first time.



Over the years I have unfortunately picked up a couple of overuse injuries from my time as an endurance athlete. The sport I've missed the most has been running. While cycling has been great way to introduce a more low impact form of exercise it can produce its own overuse injuries.  Plus it felt like I needed to ride for a couple of hours to get the same level level of workout that a 45min - 1hr run provides. Time I didn't always have available.


While the traditional X-trainer is a great tool to replicate the running pattern in a low impact way, hours in the gym can get a little dull. Plus I love being in the great outdoors. 


That was why I was so delighted to discover Elliptigo: a X-trainer on wheels that helps you run without impact. It can be used both indoor and out (using the Fluid 365 Stationary Trainer) and has become a vital component of my exercise regime.


I was honoured to become an official Elliptigo enthusiast in February 2015 and so have an extra machine to take people out on test rides with. If you are interested in booking a test ride with me please contact me here.